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Replacing your windows improves the appearance of your home inside and out, and provides savings on monthly heating and cooling costs. Golden Home Improvements specializes in vinyl, wood, and wood clad replacement windows 

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are probably the most popular type of replacement windows. They are less expensive than other replacement windows, exceptionally energy-efficient, and are virtually maintenance free except for an occasional cleaning of the glass. Vinyl windows are not paintable but they are available in a variety of colors. Some of the more popular window styles include double-hung, bays, bows, casements and picture windows. 

Double Hung Windows

This window style represents the more traditional and classic style. Both sashes can be raised or lowered for optimum ventilation. These windows tilt in making it easier to clean the exterior from inside the home. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows bring more daylight in to brighten a room and provide a panoramic view of the outdoors. Three windows are joined together to make one large single unit. The wide center is commonly a fixed picture window and is flanked on either side by narrower windows. 

Bow Windows

Bow windows are made up of four or more casement windows to form a curve. They are a great choice for brightening a room and provide excellent ventilation. 

Casement Windows

This window style opens or cranks outward to the right or the left. They provide excellent ventilation because both halves of the window open and they are easy to clean since both sides are accessible from the indoors. 

Picture Windows

These windows are stationary. They are ideal for a room with a view, one that requires natural light, and one that doesn't require ventilation. They are an affordable window and come in a variety of custom shapes and sizes. 

Wood Windows

 Wood windows are more aesthetically appealing than vinyl and are an excellent insulator. They can be painted or stained to complement both the interior and exterior of your home but they do require considerable maintenance. Regular painting, staining and applying a sealant to the exterior increases the lifespan of the window. Wood clad windows provide the distinct look of wood on a home's interior and the low maintenance of vinyl or aluminum on the exterior. The interior is the desired wood and can be painted to complement the interior decor. The exterior, clad in either vinyl or aluminum, eliminates the need to paint or stain. 


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